Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Maori Book 📚

Description: In class we had to make a Maori book to explain a topic. Classroom, your family etc. Here is the link to my slide.

Evaluation: It was really fun and I enjoyed creating my family book.

Feedback/Feedforward: I really liked how clearly you set out your slides. It was great to learn some new Maori words and their meanings. Next time see if there is a way to record yourself reading the Maori words so that people can learn how to say it correctly. Mum.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The prep and market experience

Descriprion: in class we had to do a reflection on the market and the prep experience. Here are my hats and poster of how to make pipe cleaner men.

Evaluation: prep and the market was really fun!
Feedback/feedforward: do your own feedback feedforward. Logan

Yellow hat: At the start Qwade and I merged our ideas together to make the idea of pipe cleaner men and comic strips. Plus our product sold out which was good and our profit was $73.50.

Black hat: so when the stall next to us sold out they started playing guitar so that meant no one could hear our advertisement! But luckily Mum and Rosie helped me move our stall to another place. Thanks Mum. Plus we went over budget but got our money back with a profit of $73.50.

Blue hat: Next time I want to try to get to $100 in profit and definitely sell something else.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Description: this is my prep slide. We are selling pipe cleaner men and comic strips.

Evaluation: it's fun and scary at the same time because it coming up this Friday.
Feedback/feedforward: you need more description please. Qwade.

Buddy novel study

Description: this term did a buddy novel study. A buddy novel study is a thing that we do and we pick a partner to read a book with. This is Qwade and i's slide. Check it out.⬇️

Evaluation: it was fun and AMAZING!
Feedback/feedforward: you done great well done I don't think anything is bad.Izzy

Monday, 7 November 2016

Maths: statistics

Description: this term we have been learning statistics and we had to make a question for our class mates to solve. Here is the question that Memphis and I made.

Evaluation: we are going to trick people with our question.
Feedback/feedforward: Nice work logan it look,s really good . Jai

Te reo movie and poster

description: this term we had to make a Maori poster and Maori video about our product for the market. Here they are⬇️

Evaluation:it was fun and educational.
Feedback/feedforward:I think you did great at your poster. Feedforward you need the movie.jayden.

Thursday, 20 October 2016


Description: here are my graphs. There is a block graph, bar graph and a pie graph. We had a survey that we had to do about the market and had to add up the answers to the questions. And that's how the graphs came to be.

Evaluation: it was fun and educational.
Feedback/feedforward: I like this because there is a lot of work that was put into this.

This is a pie graph. I found out the numbers by using a calculator timing the number by one hundred and dividing it by thirty two.