Thursday, 24 September 2015

Reading portfolio sample

Description: in reading we are learning summarising and questioning, I'm in questioning an i chose the tic tac toe called disadvantage. Here is my list.


No cars
No food
No pets
No clothes 
No glasses 
No technology 
No paid things
No jobs
No money
No shoes
No toys
No doctors 
No aeroplanes
No farms
No houses
No school 
No city's 
No president 
No wifi
No internet 
No sports
No iPads
No music 
No TVs 
No swimming pools
No books
No bed
No ink
No juice 
No pens
No timber
No movies
No lollies 
No transport 
No furniture  
No blankets 

Big idea: we had to pick a tic tac toe to question and I picked disadvantage about if we had no money.
Evaluation:I think i did good at the thinking and thought clearly about the topic.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Te Reo portfolio sample

Description:every monday afternoon we do something called Te Reo. We do it when the kapa haka people go to kapa haka. The topic is Maori body parts. Here is my poster.

Big idea: we had to make a poster or a video to show the Moari body parts. James and i had to think about an audience like adults, little kids and elderly people. 

Feedback/feeedforward:I think you made a clear picture and little kids would be able to understand all the words.TOM H👍🏻

Evaluation: I think that I made a lot of progress and little kids will understand.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Maths sample

Description: in maths this term we have been working on division and multiplication.I think that multiplication is my strong point. Here are my working out.


Big idea:p1. I worked the problem out with a number line and times tables and counted in fives to 30 and one remainder. P2. Then I used another number line and used times tables and I counted in threes to 18.

Evaluation: I think I should work with useful material.

Feedback:I think that you did really well in working out all the answers.

feedforward:next time you could work on making your work a little more clear.From Max