Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Book bash 2015

  • What made you choose this book?  The cover made me feel adventuress.
  • What appeals to you?  The the loin and the boy made me feel like this book is for me.
  • What hooked you in? The blurb because it made saspenes in me so is chose it.
Prediction:I think that he will survive and kill the lion.
1.title. The title makes me feel like me because I'm very warriorish

Cover design. The cover makes me think of hunting and survival because their is a lion and a boy with a spear.

The blurb made me think of me because I am really adventuress and all was in to mischief.

2.prediction. I think the story is in a dry country with loins and I think the character is a survivor with no food.