Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Every Thursday we do inquiry. For inquiry I'm in Suzannes group (Caine's Arcade) and we're making arcade games made of cardboard boxes like caine did. 

I am inspiring people to make games and to be creative. I am also being inspired by making games like Caine did.

I thought of a ticket booth and no one else thought of it.

What changes could you make to improve your inquiry: make it out of metal or to have more time.
What did you accomplish: my cardboard ticket booth for the arcade.
What was the most frustrating/ challenging thing? What difficulties did you encounter: when we had to make the tickets and then we didn't need to.
What was your proudest moment in your inquiry: making the ticket booth and give the tickets to all of the classes.
How will our inquiry groups impact the future: Suzannes group will inspire kids to stop playing on there iPads and to get boxes and make arcade games or anything you want.