Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The prep and market experience

Descriprion: in class we had to do a reflection on the market and the prep experience. Here are my hats and poster of how to make pipe cleaner men.

Evaluation: prep and the market was really fun!
Feedback/feedforward: do your own feedback feedforward. Logan

Yellow hat: At the start Qwade and I merged our ideas together to make the idea of pipe cleaner men and comic strips. Plus our product sold out which was good and our profit was $73.50.

Black hat: so when the stall next to us sold out they started playing guitar so that meant no one could hear our advertisement! But luckily Mum and Rosie helped me move our stall to another place. Thanks Mum. Plus we went over budget but got our money back with a profit of $73.50.

Blue hat: Next time I want to try to get to $100 in profit and definitely sell something else.

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