Thursday, 25 February 2016

Writing okātia

Description: create our own Okātia story. Here it is.

many years ago according to a Maori legend there was a spirit called Okātia,who lived in a Totara tree in the Puketoi ranges. Okātia was the biggest most muscular tree in the world. Okātia thought he was the best and no one was more gigantic than him. Suddenly Okātia’s friend told him about Moana and how it's 20 times the size of him... he was so jealous. Flames were ERUPTING out of his head, the wheels that kept his head running were spinning.  He wanted to see Moana for himself. Many minutes later 

Okātia ripped his roots out of the ground enraged.“Oh there's one” said Okātia,“oh there's another one. Okātia tried to walk but he just fell over on his front and started rolling. As he raged through the forest he makes Tāne furious, no one has ever done this much damage in years. The forest broke and stretched as the mighty Okatia crashed through and made Tāne angrier and angrier because he is the protector/God of the forest. But Tāne is too hurt to fix it. As he rolls powerfully he comes across a colossal stone wall. But the sea is practically calling him. So he takes one big hit at the wall, nothing happens except break his branch. So he hit it with his damaged branch a few more times till there's a crack. He is furious and he wants to get to Moana as fast as he can, so he bashes the crack till it bursts.

Bruised and battered, tired and numb, bunches  of branches crackling as it starts to burst. He knew his journey was almost over as he heard the crashing waves getting closer and closer,  making it easier for him to calve his way towards Moana. Water is gushing behind him, nibbling on his broken roots. The wounds and cuts on his trunk made it harder for him to move. Suddenly, he stood still to catch his breath. WHOOOSH! A wave crashed right over him while he was resting. Soon he was in the water rolling, tumbling, over and under rocks until he witnessed the gigantic, colossal, Moana. He picked himself up and glanced at the beauty of Moana. All at once he dropped himself carefully on the surface of Moana and drifted away allowing tangaroa to drift him far away.

W.a.l.t re-writing the legend of okātia in are own words 

Evaluation: I think the whole group put a lot of work and effort into it this and I think it has turned out pretty good.

Feedback/feedforward: I think you did well with the story and I think you're group worked well together. Caid😀


Description/ W.A.L.T: I had to find 10 descriptive word and 5 synonyms for the words in Robin Hood. Here it is

Eerie superstitious fear. S/ spooky, creepy, scary, freaky and frightening.

Peasants a member of a class of people. S/ ruled, controlled, owned, poor and forced to be slaves.

Uncompromising refusing to give in. S/ firm, hardcore, brick wall, stiff and locked.

Minstrel a medieval poet and musician. S/ poet, lyric poet, musician, street singer and singer.

Comrades a person who shares in one's activities. S/ a member of a group, mates, pals, buddy's and co workers.

Outlaws a lawless person or habitual criminal. S/ bandit, crook, robber, criminal and gangster.

Crusading any vigorous, aggressive movement for the defence. S/ push, cause, drive, movement and demonstration.

Vain excessively proud of or concerned about one's own appearance. S/ swaggering, puffed up, cocky, proud and brave.

Scaffold a temporary structure for holding workers. S/ arena, platform, set, setting and frame.

Endure to bear without resistance or with patience. S/ brave, allow, put up with it, cope with it and tolerate.

Evaluation: I think that I put a lot of effort into this and I like it a lot.
Feedback/feedforward: he did a lot of work and I think he's done more then enough From Qwade 😎

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


This is my poem i did for writing about the beach 


Evaluation: I think that I did a lot of work on this poem and I think it was a good picture to go with it.

Feedback/feedforward: I really like your 2nd verse because I liked when you kicked over the sand castle. You need to work on making it a bit longer

Monday, 15 February 2016


W.A.L.T: use tidy numbers.

Description: I've been using tidy numbers and you round it to the nearest 10. By taking some from one number and putting it on the other.

Evaluation: I think that I have put lots of effort and work into this.

Feedback/feedforward: I think you need to work on your handwriting. I think you did a lot but you should not put it in a bunch. And I think you did good on your maths. Signed by Memphis.😀